Property management software

Property management, too, is data-driven nowadays. Ogisng is RPO’s new web-based data-driven software that is based on over 30 years’ experience in property management. Ogisng stands out in the property management software market because its work processes are automated through workflows. It makes the software a lot easier to use, allowing users to do their work more efficiently and creating a clear overall view of all transactions and interventions.

Simplify your property management
Ogisng makes life easier for property managers. Besides numerous rules and regulations, you as a property manager have to deal with various time-consuming processes. Using Ogisng will give you at-a-glance insight into tenancy contract terms, rental revenue growth, tenant quality, vacancy rates, and initial returns, enabling you to take a proactive approach in managing your portfolio. You get a clear overview of all aspects relating to properties and tenants, such as building maintenance and tenancy turnaround.

Task-based working
Ogisng makes life easier for staff. All business processes are integrated into the application and tasks are identified as actions. This task-based approach makes it possible to have multiple employees work on one and the same case, creating quicker insight and enabling proactive interventions. And this means you have more time to spend on your customers.

Tenant App
Ogisng makes life easier for tenants. The Tenant App gives tenants round-the-clock access to their tenancy agreement and any issues around their tenancy

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  • Work faster and error-free with a task-based approach
  • Match supply to demand with great precision
  • Clear management information



The application was developed by and for the property sector. The program has a task-based structure to make sure you don’t miss anything.

  • Task-based working
  • full-service solution
  • Information wherever you are
  • Different kinds of records in one overall view
  • Professional reports
  • A solid grip on all processes
  • Easy to use
  • Quick insight into tenancy changes
  • Integrated financial overview



Rebo innovates. And has renewed its strategic collaboration with RPO. As part of this collaboration, the ERP environment will be revamped to stay one step ahead of digital developments. High-quality services through digitalisation. Why Rebo prefers Ogisng:

  • Extensive modern Windows-based ERP
  • Redex interface
  • Balance between requirements and rules
  • Adaptable to changes
  • Complete, modern en innovative
  • Reduction of vacancy levels
  • chain process



We at RPO ICT Solutions make life easier for you. With our hardware and software, we will make sure you can focus purely on your core business. You are in the business of doing business. Not in the business of IT. You just need your software to work. You want to be able to update your records without hassle. Our software is accessible from your own computer, either at the office or online on your laptop. Wherever you are, you always have access to important information. The software is the tool that will ensure a clear overall view of your processes, and it can be customised to match your preferences and meet your requirements.