Automation software for the logistics sector. Reduced handling costs and greater flexibility.

Logisticsng ensures lower handling costs and greater flexibility. Run all your logistics operations with great ease. From transport to warehousing and transloading. Our software lets you log in from any location. Whether you are in Venlo, Barendrecht, or New York, you always have the right information at your fingertips.

Integrated package: transport, storage, transloading, and returns logistics.
As a third-party logistics service provider, you want to be in control of stock levels at your warehouse. Your client has outsourced their logistics to cut costs and reduce order lead times. A good software package ensures efficient business processes, bringing procurement, sales, and finance together in one place.

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  • Covers all logistics operations
  • Integration of transport, storage, transloading, and added logistics
  • Ideal solution for companies handling fresh-food products.



The application was developed by and for warehousing and transloading providers. Standard and proven software for simpler, more productive, and more efficient streamlining of your logistics processes. Some of the benefits according to our users.

  • Lower handling costs
  • Greater flexibility
  • 100% traceability guarantee
  • Webportal
  • Optimisation of the full business process
  • Compatible with pallet racking
  • Online access
  • Manual adjustments possible
  • Process tracking: from receipt to delivery



Logisticsng is a fully integrated solution with standard features. Barendrecht-based B&L Fruit Logistics has been using Logisticsng for some time now. They were looking for a user-friendly warehouse management system that offers excellent traceability and is aligned with their business partners’ preferences. They are highly enthusiastic about RPO’s software. "Traceability is guaranteed for the full 100%. All pallets are scanned to enable rapid processing and prevent errors. The system comes with a web portal that lets B&L customers check their stock levels and any changes to their stock by entering a reference / vehicle / container number, while also giving them day-to-day insight into costs. Even the creation of a final settlement for suppliers is simplified in this way.



We at RPO ICT Solutions make life easier for you. With our hardware and software, we will make sure you can focus purely on your core business. You are in the business of doing business. Not in the business of IT. You just need your software to work. Period. You want to be able to update your records without hassle. Our software is accessible from your own computer, either at the office or online on your laptop. Wherever you are, you always have access to important information. The software is the tool that will ensure a clear overall view of your processes, and it can be customised to match your preferences and meet your requirements.